It's a development company with developers who had experience on major projects from various platforms like PC, console and etc. Currently, we’re developing pc online and mobile projects and also providing game services. We're looking forward to meet the users with our exciting and joyful games.


In Development

More details about the following games will be available in near future.


Mobile optimized MMORPG. It will available in 2nd quarter of 2018. Published by GameVil.

DOJAGI: The Korean Pottery

DOJAGI in Korean means pottery. You can create potteries with your own hands in Virtual Reality. The world first wheel throwing simulation and the most realistic pottery simulation game.

Made with Unity 2018 Korea - Best Innovation awarded.



A global version of Rusty Blood(Selected "Top 50 games of the year" in 2015 by Google Play popular game #1) launched in 2015. But it has more contents then our previous version. (Official Website)

Magic Kingdom for Kakao

It's a shooting action RPG that allows you to move and attack in 360 degree direction! You can hunt numerous monsters in the screen with your magical powers.

Shadow Blood VR

VR action game for SteamVR. You can fight against fantasy monsters with your incredible weapons and magics in Virtual Reality. Now available on Steam


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